Dade Brigade – Code of Conduct


Dade Brigade – Code of Conduct

As members of Dade Brigade, you’re a part of some of the loudest, most passionate and inviting supporters of the Miami FC.  As such, you are the public face of the Miami FC and Miami soccer fandom.  With this comes a responsibility to positively represent Miami soccer throughout the region and beyond.  All members of Dade Brigade, either in and around the stadium or at Dade Brigade functions, are expected to adhere to the following standards:

  • While in the Dade Brigade section, both home and away, members are EXPECTED to stand, chant, clap, dance and sing for the duration of the match in support of our Miami FC.
  • Dade Brigade is an openly tolerant organization. We shall refrain from all sexist, homophobic, racist, bigoted or hate speech, in any language, including signage, shirts, banners or flags.  Starting, encouraging or leading chants or songs using any of that same language is also prohibited.
  • We shall be respectful and courteous to other Dade Brigade members and fans around you, including drinking responsibly (if doing so) and refraining from disorderly or belligerent behavior. This requires being aware of your surroundings, as well as the ages of those in your proximity.
  • Abide by the following: team and stadium rules; league rules and codes of conduct; and federal, state, and local laws. Compliance with stadium staff is expected.
  • Engaging in violence, physical harm, or threats of physical harm upon any person is strictly prohibited. Do not enter an opposing supporters section with the intent to incite anything but friendship.
  • Refrain from throwing objects onto the field and from entering the field during the match.
  • Refrain from bringing or using the following items: smoke, flares, vuvuzelas, or other noisemakers. An exception exists if preapproved by both the Dade Brigade, FIU staff and the team front office.


Additionally, Dade Brigade submits the following conditions to all members of the organization:

  • You are responsible for your own actions as we are responsible for protecting our organization.
  • Those experiencing problems with any fans: First, DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THEM. Second, remove yourself from the area and contact security immediately.
  • We reserve the right to remove anyone from a Dade Brigade event or revoke anyone’s membership for violating the letter or spirit of our Code of Conduct. Additionally, you may lose all privileges of being a member of Dade Brigade including but not limited to access to support section tickets, support section game day ticket pricing, vendor partner privileges and discounts, etc… No refunds shall be issued for membership fees, purchased items, or pledged donations.


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